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Hi I'm Kate! I literally hate doing these I always feel like I'm standing in front of a crowd trying to sell something. But here it is... I love weddings and decor and people but if we take back to what it's really about I love "love" (tacky). But seriously I do! I come from a family that celebrates and in turn I want to help everyone else celebrate too. 

When my family bought The Stone Mill 1792 I was floundering through my last semester before nursing school. I was dreaming about decorating and painting furniture. So when the opportunity came to take a break I leapt at the chance. I spent the next few years painting furniture and styling vintage decor at The Stone Mill 1792's Vintage Boutique as well as Sweet Clover Barn, and The Painted Mill as The Turquoise Bullet. 

We were SURPRISED with our amazing daughter in 2016 which caused me to back off my side hustle, because if you didn't know kids take like all your time. Managing the wedding venue and planning for my own wedding October of 2017 took over my focus, as well as taking care of sweet baby Oaklee. Our wedding was a dream! I worked with great vendors and designed a perfect day. Because I didn't have enough going on I decided that I would hand make my own napkins, grown the succulents we would give as favors and even the pumpkins we used as decor. One thing I said through out our planning process was that it was our wedding and we could do whatever we wanted. 

Fast forward 2 years, I've now been living and breathing weddings, I was sitting with a bride/friend working through the details of her day when she something to the effect of wow you could be doing this as your job, which I sort of was but not officially. So when I mentioned this to my husband he gave me a bit of an eye roll, like duh you already plan weddings as your job. But I wanted to make it official.

So here we are Renegade Event Co. for the wild ones. For the ones that want their wedding to be theirs. We welcome you and can't wait to help you have a bash that is all yours. 

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