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Why Hire a Coordinator?

Why do we need a coordinator? I hear this question alot. Working/managing a venue that doesn't include a coordinator causes there to be some question on why you would need to spend the extra money on this person.

So I ask a few questions, not to be like um duh you need a coordinator but to really get the wheels turning.

1. Who will be telling you when to walk down the aisle? The venue includes someone, AWESOME! (I will come back to this at another time)Another answer is oh my friend said she will help, but doesn't your friend want to be a guest?

2. Who will be meeting your vendors while you are getting ready? Oh my mom or my maid of honor. Sometimes the poor mama is standing there and I try to remind the bride that is a special day not just for you but for your mom and your family too. Your mom wants to be getting ready with you, she wants to take those moments with you as does your sister or bff.

3. Who is going to be putting your centerpieces out, lighting your candles, putting out table numbers, making sure that all the little pieces you worked so hard to create are all coming together.

These are just the things on the day of the wedding, I didn't even talk about itinerary, design, ceremony coordinating, coordinating between vendors, assisting with your budget. You need someone on your side and by your side working up to your day and on your day. Lets fast forward, its the end of the night your guests are leaving, your car, limo or bus is there to take you and your love away. But all your decorations are out and the venue needs you off property they have another wedding in the morning... but you have a good coordinator or planner and while you have been dancing your butt off she has been working hers off cleaning up and when you leave for your wedding night ;) she will stay and pack it up!

Make sure you have someone to have your back so that you can have a relaxing day.

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